Frequently Asked Questions

How easy it is to create my own Vlog?

We have everything you need to create a video website instantly. If you create your own Vlog Channel with, you will be selecting the fastest way to get your website up and running with video content. Instant setup, customizable templates (first choose one of our fully configured templates and then add your own twist by customizing with your logos, favicons and images, to make it truly unique), great add-ons like banners so you can get up and running and begin monetizing in minutes.

Why a .TUBE domain name?

TUBE is the universal slang for video, and .TUBE a powerful domain and marketing tool that will inform your audience you mean video. We have developed a set of tools that make .TUBE domain names stand out from the rest and that are seamless for creators and youtubers because they complement their YouTube channel, they are the perfect YouTube® companion. These include YouTube® redirect that lets youtubers use their .TUBE domain as a vanity name for their YouTube channel; a Vlog creator that allows youtubers and creators to curate channels using videos that are already online; a short URL tool that allows youtubers and creators to build a branded distribution network for their videos. Also. .TUBE domains are SEO friendly, so creators and YouTubers can position their content better on all search engines.

What is the difference between a .TUBE and a .COM domain name?

Technically speaking, bot are identical, there is absolutely no difference between the tasks you can perform with a .TUBE and a .COM domain name. However, there are many practical differences between the domains:

  1. .COM domains are mostly taken and it's very hard to find a good .COM domain name. In the .TUBE domain you can find great generic names.
  2. For $9,99 dollars .COM gives you only the domain name. For the same price .TUBE gives you a set of tools to immediately put your domain to work for you. A) Redirect to a YouTube channel, branded short links to drive traffic to specific videos and a subdomain, that matches your domain name, where you can curate a new channel using the videos you already have on YouTube.
  3. .TUBE is the only TLD in the world that has a USPTO trademark. This means that if Kelloggs for example own the brand Kelloggs and we own the brand .TUBE, then Kelloggs.Tube is more than a domain name, a branded web address. .TUBE gives you an additional layer of trademark protection that not even .COM can provide.
Are .TUBE domains Google Friendly?

Yes, whether you redirect to your YouTube® channel or build a new Channel using your videos, a .TUBE domain name will help your website Rank well on search engines using our SEO fields and video sitemap. Also, by associating your Vlog to your Google Analytics account, you can track visitor behavior and demographics on top of the statistics that our tools provide. You will not only own your users but you will have all the demographics and information you need to make better marketing decisions.

Can I monetize my content and sell Advertising?

If you use your .TUBE® domain name or the free subdomain to create a new Channel, you will be able to place advertisement on our built-in templates and monetize your content. Aware of the limitations that YouTube® imposes on creators when it comes to monetizing their content, we are constantly devising tools to assist you in making money out of your videos. So on your Channel you can Make Money from advertisements using Google Adsense and Other Ad Networks or affiliate marketing where you place your own banners, direct them wherever you want and make money everytime someone clicks on your ads and as a result buys a product you are promoting on your website.

Can I make my .TUBE® domain part of my Social Media strategy?

When you create a new channel with our Curator tool you can automatically add your social media using our sharing buttons. Users can easily share videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. By promoting your domain name and short links on your social media, your channel will gain credibility and your users will understand that your links carry trusted content.

Does the system include Real-time Reporting?

Yes, real-time statistics, including most viewed videos and top performing categories are included in our three services; YouTube® redirect that will measure the traffic sent by the domain to your channel; The channel curator will measure also the most viewed videos and top performing categories; finally, each short link you generate will also have traffic and demographic statistics that will help you know your audience.

Is .TUBE Safe?

We have implemented the most secure protocols across our platform and are constantly making backups of your channel and links to assure a 99.9% uptime, both for the domain name and the platform. is hosted the most reliable internet platforms in the world so you must not worry If your channel grows, we have you covered. GoDaddy is the registry service provider for the domain name .TUBE so the two leaders (Amazon and GoDaddy) provide the infrastructure for the smooth operation of your channel. You can also add additional safety features to your domain like SSL, privacy or e-mail all of which will make you and your clients feel safer and they will make you look more professional. More about this in the Domain Name section.

Can I add custom scripts to my VLOG?

If you are a proficient programmer and dominate HTML or JavaScript, you have the freedom to add external scripts including third-party ad networks, analytical tools, and widgets to further enhance the uniqueness and functionality of your channel and increase the chances to monetize your content.

Is there any white labeling or do I fully own my brand?

One of the beauties of building your own Channel is that it will be all yours, the .TUBE brand will not appear anywhere. On YouTube®, the YouTube® logo is displayed predominantly at the top of your channel so people know it is a “rented” space. When you build your own channel in, the channel will look exactly how you want to and people will always know it is your own space and not a “rented” space inside the YouTube® construct. Your .TUBE channel will look yours, people will understand you own your space and fix it your way.

Is .TUBE® a registered trademark?

.TUBE is the only commercially available domain in the world that has a trademark for classes 38, 41, 42, 45 and 46. What this means is that everything you do with your domain is protected by our trademark. In other words, if one of our clients owns a trademark (i.e Rammstein®), we own the trademark .tube®, so,® automatically becomes a branded web address. All original content posted by Rammstein on Rammstein.Tube® will be protected under their trademark and ours. This is a feature than not even mighty .COM is available to offer.

If I encounter any problems, will you be able to support?

If you need any help with your domain, TUBE Channel or short links, we have a support team that is ready to help 24 hours a day 365 days per year (and every four years 366 days).

I already have a .TUBE domain name, can I enable it for usage in

If you already own a .TUBE domain name and that domain resides for instance in GoDaddy, you can point it to our servers and enjoy our flagship services;

Redirect to your YouTube channel, Curate your own channel and Short Links creator to all you rvideos.

To use your domain name in you must follow these steps:

  1. Create an account in
  2. Add the domain name to your account
  3. Approve and Checkout
  4. The system will provide an IP address (
  5. Enter those values in the DNS settings of your domain at the registrar
  6. After a few minutes, the system will verify your domain
  7. Once verified by our systems, you will be able to use your domain to
    • redirect to your YouTube channel
    • curate your own channel
    • create short links to our videos
If I point a domain name to, do I still get a free subdomain?

Yes, lets say you own and you registered it in When you open an account in, the system will ask you if you want a subdomain. Choose yes and enter mydomain123. It will automatically create This subdomain is yours to do with it whatever you want in our system. You can redirect to your youtube channel, u can build a new channel in that domain and create short links with the format or

If I have a domain and a subdomain, one has to be redirected to my YouTube channel and one used for curating a new channel?

Not at all, you can redirect both to your Youtube channel, you can create new channels with both or you can do one and one, one redirect and one new TUBE channel. This is a great flexibility because you don’t have to sacrifice functionality. Also, you can always link both channels, in other words, you can enter your YouTube channel in Your .TUBE channel and viceversa, you can enter YouTube and link your .TUBE channel for a rounded marketing strategy.

How can I buy a .tube domain?

When you sign up to our service, you can buy a domain name with us. Alternatively, you can purchase your .tube domain online in any of our accredited registrars. If you purchase your domain at, the domain will be automatically configured to interact with our systems. If you buy it with any of our accredited registrars, you will need to change the A record on your DNS to point the domain to us. Our system will validate your .TUBE domain and let you hang our products to your domain name.

Can I enable another domain termination like .com or .org to interact with the systems?

No, the youtube redirect, vlog curator and short link creator only work with .TUBE domain names. The three are proprietary tools design to interact and enable only .TUBE domain names. You can probably replicate the functionality of our bundle by combining other systems like for short links and Wix to create a website, but the only domain name in the world that offers a development platform for creators and YouTubers is .TUBE.

How much does a .tube domain name cost?

We sell our domain names for $9,99 US first year registration and a yearly renewal of the same price. If you buy in one of our accredited registrars, prices for a .tube domain name vary from registrar to registrar, in Euros, others in Japan and charge in Yens, we give registrars the freedom to set their own pricing. Yet, .TUBE domains are competitive with the prices for other popular domain terminations. Please note that only domain names that are listed under “general availability” cost $9.99 per year, if you want a premium domain, such as Go.Tube, price for first year registration may be way more expensive, but once registered, renewal fees remain at 9.99 per year. If you need a premium domain name (for instance Vegas.Tube) you need to contact us and check availability. A full list of reserved and premium names is available here.

For what term can I buy a .tube domain?

Typically, registrars will allow you to register domain names for 1, 2, 5 or up to 10 years.

What are the syntax restrictions on a .tube domain?

The minimum number of characters in a .tube domain is 1 and the maximum number is 63 not including the .tube suffix. Every domain must contain at least two letters or numbers from a-z or “A to Z” and 0-9 in standard US ASCII script or one IDN character in non ASCII script. No domain can begin or end with a hyphen. The .tube naming conventions are described in detail in the Acceptable Use Policy.

How do I get information on who registered a particular .tube domain?

.Tube has a WHOIS service that enables you retrieve information on availability of .tube domains and, if they are already taken, on the name holders. The WHOIS service may be accessed HERE. Through the registrars, individuals may opt out of displaying their information on WHOIS by contracting a proxy service to hide some of their contact details.

How do I renew my .tube domain?

You can renew your domain through your current provider. They may also have an option that you can set the domain to “auto renew” every year.

Can I renew with a different provider?

You can transfer to a different provider before the expiry date of your domain. Performing a transfer will typically add a year to your registration term. Please check with your registrar on pricing for transferring .tube names.

Click here if you wish to transfer your domain name to our platform.

I forgot to renew, but my domain is still resolving and in an ||OK|| status. Do I need to do anything?

Your domain may have been auto-renewed by your provider. Check the “Expiry Date” in the WHOIS. If this is in the future, then your domain has been renewed and it is likely that your provider has already taken payment for this. If the expiry date is in the past, please contact your provider as soon as possible to renew before the name is deleted.

I forgot to renew and now my domain doesn't resolve - what can I do?

Your domain may still be in the redemption period, during which you as the domain owner may be able to redeem it depending on your regsitrars policies and procedures. Domains in redemption will have a “Pending Delete” status in the WHOIS. If this is the case, you should contact your provider to discuss the possibility of redemption. This will incur a premium fee, but your provider will be able to advise fully on this. If the domain is no longer listed in the WHOIS it is available for general registration and you can repurchase it as a new registration.

The domain I want to buy expired, but I still cannot buy it

Even though a domain has passed its expiry date it may still be renewed by the domain owner at any time during the 45-day auto-renewal period, or during the 30-day redemption period following a deletion. Unless a domain is expressly deleted by a registrar, it renews automatically for another year at the end of the 45-day period following its expiration.

Can I delete my domain name?

If the current owner does not wish to renew the domain, the registrar issues a deletion and changes the WHOIS status to “Pending Delete”. If the owner doesn’t request restoration of the domain within 30 days of this redemption period, the domain is kept in a 5-day deletion period, and then released for re-registration. In summation, a domain name may be released for anyone to register in a period between 35 and 80 days after its expiration.

Managing your .tube domain

What can I store in my .tube?

Your .tube is your very own digital address. You can store the following information in your .tube and you can see an example at

  • Publish contact and content records
  • Add PDF documents
  • Add Promotional product/service offers
  • Add Images and Video
  • Sell Products and services via a PayPal interface
  • Add custom design
  • Add an image advert.
What are the restrictions for using my .tube?

Please consult the Acceptable Use Policy for details on how .tube domains should be used.

Can I transfer or sell a .tube domain name?

You can sell or transfer a .tube domain to a different registrar after 60 days from the date of registration. Within the same registrar, you can transfer domains inside the 60 day period after original purchase. After 60 days from original registration you may contact your registrar to transfer your .tube domain as required. You can only transfer a domain name if it's current with all the payments and before it expires.

How do I transfer a .tube domain to

You can transfer an active .tube domain to a Because services may differ, check that your prospective registrar provides the services you may require. You must obtain a unique authorization code (auth) from your current registrar and initiate the transfer through the new registrar of your choice. Please be informed that it is the obligation of your current registrar to provide you the auth code; cannot provide AUTH codes of names that were registered with other registrars, the .TUBE registry is not in a position to issue this code for you.

What is the refund policy for .tube domains?

.TUBE nor provide refunds for .tube domains to domain holders. Please check whether your registrar has a refund policy.

How do I resolve an intellectual property dispute regarding a .tube domain name?

The .tube domain names are subject to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which establishes a procedure for resolving certain trademark disputes relating to domain names. You can also seek redress in the court. Please get a qualified legal advice to determine the appropriate venue for resolution of your dispute.

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